Well, my name is Andreas. I am 26 and I have recently finished my studies in conference interpreting. Technically I still am a student, but once my thesis is handed in, that chapter is closed and the last pages of both are in the making.

Since finishing with my studies, I have been entering bit by bit into the freelance world, getting to know all ups and downs it entails. My ultimate goal is to eventually live from freelance interpreting one day. Up until now, I’d call myself very lucky to have made some first steps and I am very grateful to have collected experience of various kinds. However, it’s a dangerous business to step out your front door, as you don’t know where you might be swept off to when you don’t watch your feet 🙂

Since last October, I have also been teaching liasion interpreting to students at my home university, so yes, I am one of the bad guys, grading people and being peaky about their interpreting and language skills.

This blog is all about freelancing, my experiences and interpreting in general. Feel free to come back to me, I’d be happy about any kinds of feedback.

  1. 10/05/2012 at 18:47


    The Top 100 Language Lovers 2012 competition hosted by the bab.la language portal and the Lexiophiles language blog has started and your blog has been nominated in the category professional language blogs. Congratulations! The nomination period goes until May 13th. Feel free to spread the word among other bloggers writing about languages or to suggest one blog yourself.

    Please email me so I have your contact details (stefanie [at] bab [dot] la) and send you information about the status of the competition and the badge.

    For further information on the Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition, visit http://www.lexiophiles.com/english/top-100-language-lovers-2012-nominate-your-favourite-now

    Best wishes,
    Stefanie for the bab.la and Lexiophiles team

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